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The Words of the Prophets are Written on the Subway Walls

The Sounds of Silence

Sarah Marissa
31 March 1988
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Name: Sarah Marissa

Location: Nevada, USA

Age: 21

Loves: photography, photoshop, dancing, teaching dance, concerts, david bowie, Twilight, NIN, Placebo, Type O Negative, Traveling, Grateful Dead, Paris, San Francisco, Summer of Love 1967, Hippies, Glam Rock, Vampires (long time lover of them, way before Twilight), Cooking

Hates: closed minds

I Am: a dancer, singer and photographer, teacher. I am a peace loving, freak flag waving, Dead Head, Hippie. I love concerts and going places!!!! I'm very spiritual and believe in magic. I cook all the time and photoshop like no one's business!! I frolick around and just be. i love to have fun. I've been through a lot in my 21 years. I love musical theatre. I was recently in Hair the musical (about Hippies). Let the Sunshine IN!!

My Journal: is random. it can be angsty, happy or whatever. i write what i feel and what i feel people should know. sometimes i rant about my life just to get it off my chest. i have it open to the public because i believe a closed journal is a closed heart and mind. (no offense bbs, i love you anyway!)

TURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT!! let it shine!

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